Chinese Food Menu Guide in US, Hong Kong and Japan

You can see Chinese restaurants everywhere in the world. They are localized and different somehow from those in China. However, localized Chinese Food has a status there. For example, Japanese lamen (Japanized noodle) shops are very popular in Japan. Moreover, They are very popular even in Hong Kong !!

In the other hand, they sometimes serve traditional food. It is sometimes related with the area where the cook comes from. If you know which is localized and which is traditional and the character of each area in China, you can enjoy Chinese Food more than before. Finally, You can easily find your favorite food in Chinese restaurants all over the world.

Although all the information is written in Japanese in this site, you can still enjoy English names, photos and information about Chinese food here.
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Japanized Chinese Food

Americanized Chinese Food

Beijing Cuisine

Shanghai Cuisine

Szechwan Style

Canton Style


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